What's New?

  • Catch Melissa in the digital short "Drive" as part of The Mad Ones Engine. What is this, you might be wondering? The Mad Ones is a musical by Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk, produced Off-Broadway in 2017. During this period when live theatre isn't an option, the writers came up with a digital theater workshop experience, encouraging actors and artists to film their own creative takes of specific songs from the show. According to the website, "THE MAD ONES Engine is a web platform designed to create a seamless, randomized experience of the entire musical using all the short videos submitted by participants of THE MAD ONES Lab. Each time you start the Engine, a new version of the show plays." If you want to make sure you see the video Melissa is in, search for her name in the search engine before watching! And if you want to just see the short on its own, you can click here.